April 14, 2008

Knowing that you know...

Truth changes over time, and that is a fact!

Years ago, smoking was not considered to cause disease, today we know differently.

Just a few years ago, babies were given little or no anesthesia for surgery because it was believed that they did not feel pain like we do, today we know that babies do indeed feel pain and they feel it more intensely than we do.

(If you don't believe this look here-- http://www.uams. edu/info/ Updates/October0 1/anand.htm )

With so much information out there, how can we know that what we are doing what is right?

I believe that the right answer lies within each one of us. When we stop looking outside for answers, and look inside we will find the answers. How do we do this? Lets start by knowing what we know!

Saying No

Think of a food that you hate. Picture it in front of you.
Feel what happens in your body, this is your "No".

How comfortable are you with saying no? Can you return a cup of coffee if you asked for two sugars and it came black? Would you pay for an orange paint for your kitchen if you wanted green?

Imagine this: You go to your hairdresser and you ask for a trim of your long shoulder length hair. The hairdresser agrees, but cuts your hair into a short bob. When you protest, the hairdresser says, "I only do one cut, and this is what is best for you."

You look around and see that everyone is getting a bob. You get angry but no one seems to listen, “Pooh pooh, you look great.”

When you get home, your husband says, "You look great – I don’t know what you are upset about."

Feel this feeling inside of you, this dis-ease.
How would you attempt to make it right to yourself? What feelings are you feeling, about this?

Would you be angry?

Would you try to be happy about it?

Would you cry?

Would you feel confused?

Would you make it your own fault?

How do you take this not right feeling , and make it all right?

This is your flag. Take this and keep this feeling in your tool box to use!
(The feeling that this is not right , even though everyone is telling me that it is all right.”)

This is your "no"

The first step to empowerment is knowing that you don't' need to know everything, you just need to know what your "No." feels like!

You are becoming a mother and your baby will be counting on you for protection. How do we find our power? We find it by knowing our own internal warning system. This has been given to us by our biology.

Our brains take in billions of bits of information, but we can only be conscious of a tiny bit. Our intuition is just that- our brains are talking to us through our body saying. "Something is not right."

Honor this.

Barbara Rivera

copyrite 2008 Barbara Rivera