July 25, 2008

Keeping Children Healthy

When I talk to women, they feel very confused and overwhelmed about issues such as Autism. ( 1-150 children are coming down with Autism, 1-86 boys) How can they know the right answer about Autism when even the experts cannot agree?

Take a look at the Amish, I say. They live a simple life. They (Naturally) Home birth, breastfeed, and they do not vaccinate. What is more, in the un-vaccinated Amish population, a reporter could find no Autism. ( http://www.whale.to/vaccine/olmsted.html )

We, as parents, don't have to know the CAUSE, we don't have to argue the CAUSE in order to protect our children.

As parents we just need to find out for our selves what causes the most healthy children (and later adults) and "go right" with ever single decision we make.

This starts before birth- with ourselves.

One decision at a time -we must use technology and science responsibly protect our children.

Barbara Rivera